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We provide open source projects with full-service live and automated testing capabilities to help them keep their software bug-free.

  • Thousands of browser, OS, and emulator/simulator combinations
  • 5 concurrent sessions for testing in parallel
  • Unlimited testing minutes
Person working on multiple screens
Person working on multiple screens

Live and automated testing

5 concurrent sessions to run live & automated tests in parallel, speeding test results and contributor feedback.


Desktop and mobile

Instant access to our Virtual Device Cloud for testing desktop and mobile websites and apps.


Quickly pinpoint issues

Video recordings and screenshots of every change to the DOM to help quickly pinpoint and debug errors.


Public results

Open Sauce test results are publicly accessible, making it super simple to share the tests with other developers.


Easy collaboration

Share test results - videos, screenshots and log files - via Slack, HipChat or email, making collaboration a cinch.


Get started quickly

Use our in-product training modules, the Sauce Labs cookbook, or test framework GitHub repo to get up and running fast.

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