Supported integrations

Streamline your automated testing by integrating with the most popular CI/CD tools

Supported integrations

Achieve CI/CD excellence with Sauce Labs

Manage everything from one place

Our plugins make it easy to set up, manage and review test results directly from your CI server so you can release more features to your users without compromising on quality.

Collaboration made easy

Integrations with the most popular collaboration tools make it easy for you to share test results with your co-workers.

Keep your pipeline secure

Automatically launch Sauce Connect from your CI server behind the firewall to keep testing knowing that your data is secure.

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Testing is a team sport

Sauce Labs Slack App

Easily share your test results in Slack to enable faster collaboration. Automatically share key test summary information when you share a test result, and post the test result notifications to selected Slack channels when you configure saucectl.

Testing is a breeze with Sauce Labs integrations

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Jira Plugin

Easily add Jira issues from within your test results pages with a click of a button. Speed up bug resolution by getting test results into the hands of your development team faster than ever before.

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Easily connect tests in your existing framework to run either in the Sauce Labs Cloud or locally in a Docker image and securely transmit the test assets to Sauce to review and share results at scale to debug issues faster.

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Provide a direct user interface to Sauce Labs, direct access to Sauce Connect while enabling your projects, and seamless reporting. This plugin gives you the power of Sauce Labs without having to leave your Jenkins account.

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Using this plugin, you can easily configure projects to run tests on our continuous testing cloud, manage environment variables, enable Sauce Connect Proxy, and provide test result files—all directly from Bamboo.

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Team City

The Sauce Labs plugin with Team City automates the setup and tear down of Sauce Connect Proxy, and integrates the job videos for tests with Team City Builds, making it easier for you to release better quality software faster.


Travis CI

The Sauce Labs plugin for Travis CI helps you automate the setup and tear down of Sauce Connect Proxy, and integrates the job videos for tests with Travis CI Builds to help streamline your testing efforts in CI/CD.



This integration allows you to configure your tests directly from CircleCI to ensure that they run on the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud with every change and deployment, or on a certain branch.

Keysight Technologies

Keysight Eggplant

Eggplant from Keysight enables you to test smarter with AI-powered automation. With the Sauce Labs integration, you can automate your Eggplant tests on a multitude of mobile devices and browsers hosted in the cloud.