Are You Ready For Testing on iPhone 11 and iOS 13?

Posted Sep 20th, 2019

image of the new iPhone 11

Today is the release date for the iPhone 11 and we’re happy to announce we offer same-day support in our Real Device Cloud.  We strive to support the latest releases within 48 hours to ensure your website and apps work flawlessly across all platforms. Here’s what you need to know about the latest releases from Apple this week and how they may impact your testing environment.

What’s new with iPhone 11

  • Telephoto camera. New ultra wide camera options.

  • All day battery. Up to 5 hours more battery life.

  • Improved hardware. Toughest glass in a smartphone along with the A13 Bionic chip for fast performance and power-efficiency.

To see to full specs visit the Apple iPhone 11 page

Features included with iOS 13

  • Dark Mode. A dramatic new look for iPhone and easy on the eyes. Apple introduces system wide dark mode including apps.

  • ‘Sign in with Apple’.  A new single sign-on (SSO) option for websites and apps that promises to protect user privacy.

  • Performance improvements.  Apps will launch up to 2x faster than before and be smaller in download size. 

  • Privacy and security. Apple shows a list of all the apps tracking in the background giving users more control over the information shared with each app.

For a full list of the features, visit Apple iOS 13 page.

Testing Considerations for Developers

With these latest releases from Apple, here’s how you can prepare:

  • Test your User Interface (UI).  With any new device release it’s important to ensure that various UI elements remain consistent across various screen sizes and resolutions. Make sure things like buttons and images are loading correctly and are in the right positions. Keep a flawless experience for your end users regardless of device.

  • Regression Testing. With the new iOS version, it is important to check if all your previous tests are running correctly. You’ll want to test all the key flows of your website or mobile app to avoid any surprises.

  • SSO Support. Consider adding a new feature to support Apple’s SSO option.  Delight users by adding a ‘Sign in with Apple ID’ to your mobile app.  

Get Started

With Sauce Labs you get access instant access to the latest devices, operating systems, and browsers in a single platform. You no longer need to worry about updating and maintaining your device lab or procuring the latest devices for testing. Leave the maintenance and updates to us so you can focus on developing what matters.  For those new to Sauce Labs, we offer a free 14-day trial. Sign up today to test on iOS devices.

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