Sauce Labs Developer Using Platform

Sauce Labs Announces Next Testing for Good Workshop for Java Development

Free virtual event July 12 - 13 to expand test automation skills and support Black Girls Code

Posted Jul 6th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

SauceCon '22 - Reimagine Testing

SauceCon 2022 Recap: The Importance of Testing Across the DevOps Toolchain

That is a wrap on SauceCon 2022! The three-day event hosted some of the best and brightest in the …

Posted May 18th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

Kelsey Hightower and Dr. Nicole Forsgren are Coming to SauceCon, Are You?

Is your company feeling the need for speed? Do you believe that every experience matters for your …

Posted May 2nd, 2022

Sauce Labs Every Experience Matters Report

Every Experience Matters: By Making Apps Inaccessible, Brands Lose Out Big

Today marks the ending of our series ‘Every Experience Matters: Stat of the Week.’ Over the past …

Posted Apr 26th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

Cross-browser testing security

Matt Wyman on How Businesses Lose Money with Poor Code

Earlier this week, Sauce Labs Chief Customer Officer, Matt Wyman, sat down with journalist Marko …

Posted Apr 21st, 2022

by Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs Every Experience Matters Report

Every Experience Matters: What Industries are Delivering a Poor Customer Experience?

Welcome back to our series ‘[Every Experience …

Posted Apr 19th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs Every Experience Matters Report

Every Experience Matters: What is the Real Cost of Bad Software?

In the past two weeks, this series has taken a look at how often consumers encounter errors while …

Posted Apr 12th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

Error Rage and Frustration

Every Experience Matters: What Makes Us Shout at Computers?

Welcome back to the new Sauce Labs series ‘Every Experience Matters Stat of the Week.” In last …

Posted Apr 5th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

Sauce Bot taking off

Every Experience Matters: How Common are Bugs on a Mobile App?

Sauce Labs believes in a simple truth: your customers expect a flawless experience every time they …

Posted Mar 30th, 2022

Sauce Labs Community

Every Experience Matters: Browsing Habits & Engagement Report

Today Sauce Labs announced the findings of its "Every Experience Matters" report, based on …

Posted Mar 29th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

Advanced debugging tools for cross-browser testing

Test Your Website Now Against Versions 100 of Chrome and Firefox

Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers are quickly approaching 100 – version 100, that is. Chrome hits …

Posted Mar 8th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

Image > New Careers Hero Image

Sauce Labs Appoints New Chief People Officer and Board of Directors Member

Posted Feb 17th, 2022

by Aled Miles

SauceCon '22 Announcement Banner

SauceCon '22: Coming to a Screen Near You, May 3-5

SauceCon will return to the virtual stage May 3-5, 2022. Over the course of three days, we'll …

Posted Feb 11th, 2022

by Suzi Hiza

ISO/IEC 27001

Keeping Customers Safe: Sauce Labs Achieves Both ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 Certification for Entire Portfolio

Posted Feb 8th, 2022

by Blain Howard

Image > backtrace-is-now-a-sauce-labs-company

Backtrace Acquisition Adds Error Monitoring; Enables Customers to Receive Quality Signals Throughout Entire Software Development Lifecycle

Posted Jul 6th, 2021

by John Kelly

API Fortress Banner

Sauce Acquires API Fortress; Adds API Testing Capabilities

Sauce Labs has acquired API Fortress, a leading provider of modern API testing solutions for agile …

Posted Dec 10th, 2020

by Matt Wyman

Cover for the Continuous Testing Benchmark Report

Testing Better Together With the 2020 Continuous Testing Benchmark Report

Posted May 12th, 2020

by Scott Desiere

Sauce Labs Offers Software Testing to COVID-19 Innovators

Posted Apr 30th, 2020

by Rebecca Cramer

Sauce Labs hot sauce

Announcing Simple Sauce

Posted Nov 18th, 2019

by Josh Grant

image of the new iPhone 11

Are You Ready For Testing on iPhone 11 and iOS 13?

Posted Sep 20th, 2019

by Heather Wellington

Laptop with lines of code and phone

Test on Real Devices Faster with Virtual USB

Posted Aug 8th, 2019

by Kimberly Falk

Women in Testing: Abby Bangser

Posted Jun 6th, 2019

by Rebecca Cramer

Get Real with vUSB

Posted May 30th, 2019

by Kimberly Falk

New Sauce Labs Node.JS Package

Posted Mar 29th, 2019

by Christian Bromann

What is Your Communication Template for Testing Results?

Posted Mar 19th, 2019

by Greg Sypolt

Future Advances in Mobile Hardware — and What They Mean for Mobile Testing

Posted Jan 15th, 2019

by Twain Taylor

Sauce Labs Recognized as "Developers' Choice For Cross Browser and Mobile Testing in the Cloud" By Independent Research Firm

Posted Jul 31st, 2018

by The Sauce Labs Team

Mobile Testing with Carrier Network Connectivity

Posted Jun 12th, 2018

by Clinton Sprauve

AppiumConf 2018 Retrospective and Highlights

Posted Apr 19th, 2018

by Jonathan Lipps

Continuous Testing for Mobile Devices

Posted Apr 10th, 2018

by Twain Taylor

XCUITest Now Available for the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud

Posted Mar 22nd, 2018

by Clinton Sprauve

The Sauce Labs Slack Integration

Simplify Collaboration with Sauce and Slack

Posted May 4th, 2017

by Ken Drachnik

Security and Cloud Based Testing

Posted Apr 13th, 2017

by Michael Churchman

Move Over, Selenium 2: Why It’s Time to Upgrade to Selenium 3

Posted Mar 30th, 2017

by Greg Sypolt

New! Appium Desktop

Posted Mar 13th, 2017

by Jonathan Lipps

Functional Testing And The IoT

Posted Dec 9th, 2016

by Greg Sypolt

Sauce Labs Acquires TestObject

Posted Dec 8th, 2016

by Bill McGee

Introduction to Usability Testing

Posted Dec 5th, 2016

by Ashley Hunsberger

What Is a RESTful API?

Posted Nov 24th, 2016

by Ely Hechtel

New Support for iOS 10 Simulator Testing and More Real Devices

iOS 10 is available on our simulators and we've released new iOS and Android devices.

Posted Oct 25th, 2016

by Ken Drachnik

A Brief History of the Selenium Testing Framework

Posted Aug 11th, 2016

by Chris Tozzi

Quality Assurance and Software Testing: A Brief History

Posted Jul 12th, 2016

by Chris Tozzi

Testing for IoT Development

Posted Jul 7th, 2016

by Chris Tozzi

Appium 1.5.3 Released on Sauce

Posted Jun 8th, 2016

by Isaac Murchie

Announcing Sauce Connect Launcher

Posted Apr 8th, 2016

by Ken Drachnik

Announcing New REST API Rate Limits

Posted Feb 3rd, 2016

by Yaroslav Borets

Planning Quality Architecture for 2020

Posted Jan 11th, 2016

by Greg Sypolt

Recapping DevOps East - Opportunistic QA

Posted Dec 15th, 2015

by Chris Riley

The (Quality) Road Ahead

Posted Dec 1st, 2015

by Ashley Hunsberger

An Interview With QA Managers

Posted Nov 23rd, 2015

by Joe Nolan

Check out the New Sauce Labs Docs

Posted Nov 16th, 2015

by Ken Drachnik

Evangelizing Quality

Posted Nov 6th, 2015

by Ashley Hunsberger

Boo! Your Scariest Testing Nightmares

Posted Oct 29th, 2015

by The Sauce Labs Team

New Default Selenium Driver Versions

Posted Oct 29th, 2015

by The Sauce Labs Team

What Does Quality Strategy Mean?

Posted Oct 26th, 2015

by Greg Sypolt

Share Your Scariest Testing Nightmare - You May Win An Apple Watch!

Posted Oct 9th, 2015

by Bill McGee

Version Support Hell

Posted Oct 8th, 2015

by Ashley Hunsberger

Appium + Sauce Labs Bootcamp: Chapter 4, Advanced Desired Capabilities

Posted Aug 18th, 2015

by Jonathan Lipps

Appium + Sauce Labs Bootcamp: Chapter 1, Language Bindings

Posted Jun 1st, 2015

by Isaac Murchie

Recap: Beyond the Release - CI That Transforms Organizations [Webinar]

Posted May 30th, 2015

by Bill McGee

Guest Post: Functional Testing in 2016 - Forecast

Posted Apr 15th, 2015

by Chris Riley

Applitools Recognizes 16 Influencers + Thought Leaders in Test Automation

Posted Apr 2nd, 2015

by Bill McGee

Jon Austen Runs JMeter on Sauce Labs, with Result Updating!

Posted Mar 31st, 2015

by Dylan

How To Add Visual Testing To Existing Selenium Tests

Posted Feb 27th, 2015

by Dave Haeffner

Sauce Labs Appoints Technology Veteran Charles Ramsey as Company's First Chief Revenue Officer

Posted Feb 24th, 2015

by Bill McGee

New Web and Mobile Testing Trends Research Report

Posted Feb 11th, 2015

by Bill McGee

Sauce Labs Secures $15 Million For Geographic And Infrastructure Expansion

Posted Feb 5th, 2015

by Bill McGee

Automated Testing News: Link Round-Up 1-30

Posted Jan 30th, 2015

by Bill McGee

Automated Testing News: Link Round-Up

Posted Jan 23rd, 2015

by Bill McGee

Don't Miss This Appium Workshop At Mobile+Web DevCon On February 3 [Click For Discount Code]

Posted Jan 19th, 2015

by Bill McGee

Vote To Help Appium Win A DeveloperWeek Award

Posted Jan 9th, 2015

by Bill McGee

Mobile Testing Talk: What’s New With Appium [RECAP]

Posted Dec 19th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Application Security Testing Gets Tasty With Sauce Labs And Rapid7

Posted Dec 15th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Weekend Reading: Becoming The Leader You Aspire To Be [Re-Blog]

Posted Dec 12th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Mobile Testing Talk: What's New With Appium [WEBINAR]

Posted Dec 10th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Sauce Connect Gets a Speed Boost & WebSocket Support

Posted Nov 20th, 2014

by The Sauce Labs Team

Sauce Labs Named as One of the San Francisco Business Times' Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Bay Area

Posted Oct 22nd, 2014

by Bill McGee

Appium Wins A Bossie Award From InfoWorld

Posted Oct 13th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Announcing Support For iOS 8

Posted Oct 10th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Recap: Sauce Labs at Selenium Conf 2014 [VIDEO]

Posted Sep 24th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Announcing Sauce Integration With Siesta

Posted Sep 16th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Appium + Sauce Labs Integration

Posted Aug 15th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Appium Bootcamp - Chapter 8: Additional Information + Resources

Posted Aug 14th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Appium Bootcamp – Chapter 7: Automate Your Test Runs

Posted Aug 12th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Announcing CircleCI Integration on Sauce Labs

Posted Aug 11th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Sign Up for the First-Ever Appium Roadshow on August 20th in New York City

Posted Jul 30th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Updates Coming to Default Selenium and Chrome Versions on Sauce (August 2)

Posted Jul 28th, 2014

by Santiago Suarez Ordoñez

[Re-Blog] Dev Chat: Vlad Filippov of Mozilla

Posted Jul 28th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Announcing Support For Android 4.4 (KitKat)

Posted Jul 25th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Announcing Cloud9 Preview: Instantly Preview Your Cloud9 Project In Any Browser (Powered by Sauce Labs)

Posted Jul 24th, 2014

by Jonathan Lipps

Recap: Continuous Testing in the Cloud [WEBINAR]

Posted Jun 30th, 2014

by Bill McGee

VelocityConf Santa Clara 2014 Recap: Talk by Jonah, Interview with Sebastian [VIDEOS]

Posted Jun 27th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Jason Huggins Takes a Leave of Absence at Sauce Labs to Work on 2.0

Posted Jun 24th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Guest Post: Automating Mobile Testing at Gilt - A Follow Up

Posted Jun 19th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Register Today: Continuous Testing in the Cloud [WEBINAR]

Posted Jun 18th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Appium 1.0 [Orion] and Appium Inspector on OSX Mavericks Demo [VIDEO]

Posted May 12th, 2014

by Bill McGee

DevNetwork Recognizes Sauce Labs as a Leader in App Testing and Automation Technology [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted May 8th, 2014

by Bill McGee

The State of Mobile Testing in 2014 (INFOGRAPHIC)

Posted May 6th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Oh, Appy Day! Appium 1.0 is Here

Posted May 2nd, 2014

by Jonathan Lipps

Regarding the Internet Explorer Security Flaw and Sauce Labs

Posted Apr 30th, 2014

by Bill McGee